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TöZ ProducZďon
(french law 1901)

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TÖZ the painter graphist of the TözProd presents his creations, performances in concerts, paintings, sculptures,school decorations, etc...
FRANKY the web-master infographist of the TözProd, présents his creations, 3D digital animation , photographics, audio-vidéo digital making of, modelling design, architecture design, etc...
VALE stylist decorator, but also the cultural manager of the Tözprod, don't hesitate to contact her and ask your questions about the projects, and the dates...
Pedagogic art-work with children from 6 to 14 ans with exemples of schools creations.
Schools Decos, paintings with children...
EUROPEEN PROJECT  2001 Detailled Présentation "Eh! Toto, draw me a europeen..."
Réalisation in 2 years of 125 paintings(1.5x1.5m) painted by 675 children from the 15 countrys of the europeen community.
LINKS, discover our selection of web-sites, and artists, Make a visit of the old part of MONTPELLIER (south france), an old french cyclecar of 1910 called BEDELIA, and more...